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Comité ICP is a member of

Comité ICP : The Committee for Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping

In 1996 a group of associations formed the Comité ICP to promote the development of unarmed civilian peacekeeping in conflict management.

The Comité ICP is committed to:

• Raising public awareness and making policy makers aware of unarmed civilian peacekeeping
• Conducting research into crisis management
• Training volunteers

The Comité ICP has set up a training programme for volunteers who would like to get involved in civilian peace missions.
This enables them to develop specific skills for taking on missions in high tension areas.

Sipaz picture

Sipaz photo


Comité ICP c/o MAN | 114 rue de Vaugirard | 75006 Paris | Tél/fax : 01 45 44 48 25

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