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UCP Training session - From August 29th to September 6th - France

The session runs from Monday, August 29th to Tuesday, September 6th.

Please, find attached a training session presentation and a registration form.

For more information, contact us: +33 (0) 1 45 44 48 25

Registration Deadline: 30 June 2011

This one week training has two main learning objectives :

- to introduce the students to the concept of Unarmed Civilian Peace Keeping;

- to allow them to experiment with some dimensions of the work.

Besides this week allows professional Civilian Peace Keeping trainers to meet with potential candidates for this work. More precisely, at the end of this week, the participants:

Will have a good grasp of:

• the key principles and values underpinning Unarmed Civilian Peace Keeping, namely: Nonviolence, Nonpartisanship, and Conflict Sensitivity;

• the key strategies that can be used by unarmed civilian peacekeepers to protect civilians and create safe space for civilians to transform their own conflicts;

• the key actors in the field, their relations to other actors, and their role in the protection of civilians;

• the circumstances (local, national and international) under which this type of intervention is warranted (the opportunities and limits of the work);

• basic personal and collective security guidelines and procedures.

Will have experienced/tested:

• basic tools of understanding conflict and conflict analysis;

• their team work skills (listening, participation, cooperation, leadership, decision making, group analysis, etc…);

• their ability to work under pressure (calm, patience, resilience, etc…);

• their ability to empathise and work diplomatically with various conflict actors.

Attached documents

Comité ICP c/o MAN | 114 rue de Vaugirard | 75006 Paris | Tél/fax : 01 45 44 48 25

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